• Landon Henry

Update About Re-opening!

Hey, SAF family! We wanted to take a quick minute to give you an update. This week, Governor Greg Abbot made a declaration to begin re-opening Texas. Effective May 1, certain parts of our community *can* re-open, including churches. Our church staff and board have been meeting this week to discuss and pray about what this means for our congregation. We are so excited churches are being allowed to reopen, but we also know there are a lot of strict guidelines that would need to be followed to make it possible. The guidelines, as of now, would make it very difficult for us to have church the way we want to have church. Because of that, we’ve made the decision to stay with Church at Home for the next couple of weeks. We want you to be able to come back to church when it’s safe, and when SAF can feel like SAF! Under the Phase 1 guidelines, our church should only welcome 25 percent of the normal crowd. As you arrive at church on Sunday, you would have to refrain from handshakes and hugs, you’d have to be seated every other row with family units together, leaving at least three seats open between you and other families. At the end of service, we would have to exit the sanctuary one row at a time, leaving to the parking lot without stopping in the foyer for handshakes, hugs or hellos. Also, we wouldn’t be able to have kids ministry or nursery for the time being. In addition, we are being strongly encouraged to take people’s temperatures as they come in, wear masks and recommend those who have health issues or are over a certain age stay home. Ultimately, it’s a lot of red tape to consider. When we envision our first Sunday back, we want to be sure it’s safe for everyone, and everyone is welcome. So, with these things in mind, we will remain online for a little while longer. It’s currently looking like our first Sunday back in the building will be May 24th.  This date puts us in Phase 2 of the plan to reopen Texas, assuming all continues to trend in the right direction. We. Cannot. Wait. I also want to THANK YOU for your continued FAITHFULNESS to God and His Kingdom during this time! Your generosity has remained strong, and, to date, all the bills are paid, we’ve been able to continue to support our missionaries and even help people in our community that are struggling during this time. You are what truly makes us an everyone, everywhere, every day church.  As always continue to follow us on social media for encouragement and updates. "See" you on Sunday!

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